Sunday, August 20

Angels: Storms in Heaven

"Who the hell are you guys?" cried one of the men as Hooorang threw a punch at him. The blow landed on the mans jaw and he feel to the ground in a heap. "We're Fire's friends from Angels" Hooorang said laughing standing over the unconcous man. "You guys ready to back off" Sigma snarled as he slammed another man off the wall.

Hooorang and Sigma stood looking at the three men lying on the ground. Breathing heavily Sigma bent over and grabbed one of them by the collar. Hauling him to his feet he pushed him to Hooorang who caught him by the arms and held him upright. Blood ran down the mans face. Sighing Sigma walked over and pushed the mans head back.

"What the hell do you guys want?" the man said angrily trying to struggle out of Hooorangs grip. "You know exactly what this is about Spartan. You hospitalised one of my friends." Sigma snapped back at him. "What the hell are you on about man?" Spartan answered indignantly. "Don't screw with me!" Sigma shouted and punched Spartan in the stomach. The man doubled over in pain and groaned. "I'm not about to take any crap from you or anyone else in your gang". Hooorang held the man upright and Sigma dragged his head up and looked into his eyes. He could see the man was terrified and felt sorry for him. Sighing again he calmed down.

"Look I really am not interested in a war with you guys. It's a waste of our time. We have better things to do then hunt you guys down and do this again, so what do you say, you going to back off?" Spartan pulled himself fully upright and spat at Sigma "You can go to hell. You two might be able to take us but the rest of your gang will be dead." He barked. Wiping the spit off his jacket with one hand he drew his Desert Eagle with the other. "Uh oh, bad idea Spartan" Hooorang said grinning. He pushed Spartan against the wall.

As Spartan turned around Sigma placed the gun against his forehead. Spartans eyes went wide with fear and the blood ran from his face. "This is a warning to Sora, I sure hope he has more sense then you." Sigma said sadly. "No please, don't kill me," Spartan begged falling to his knees. Hooorang looked on with a smile. Before Spartan could say anything else Sigma smashed the barrel of his gun into his face. Spartan keeled over on his side. Kneeling down Sigma checked his pulse. He was just unconscious. Standing up he walked out of the alleyway.

"So how come you didn't kill him?" Hooorang asked as they walked away from the alley. "He was worth the trouble, Sora is a bright guy, he'll get the point and reign Spartan in" Sigma replied holstering his gun. Hooorang looked at Sigma. "You know this would be a lot easier if you didn't keep letting these rookies join us" Hooorang commented absent mindedly, "I'm sick of taking care of these weaklings". Sigma stopped walking. "So that why you got rid of Homer?" Sigma asked angrily, "You just interested in having a bunch of mercenaries working for us?" Hooorang stopped and turned on him "Yeah I would prefer that, better then baby sitting a bunch of kids" Hooorang replied.

Sigma brushed his hair back of his face and shook his head. "How many times are we going to argue about this?" Hooorang shrugged "Beats me, difference of opinion but you're the leader". They started walking down the street again. Sigma shivered. "Ah there is more to it then that my friend". They continued walking down the street in silence side by side. They both knew they wouldn't be able to keep going like this but they had more important things to worry about.

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace”
-Thomas Paine quotes
“It takes two to get one in trouble.”
-Mae West

Another sleepless night, I need to write more.....

Friday, August 4

Darklands 8: Blood

Sigma's words echoed down the street. Vetch looked at him sadly and nodded. They both knew only one of them would be able to walk away despite the fact neither wanted to go through with it. Sigma pulled his coat off slowly and tossed it to the curb. Vetch dropped his hands to his side and tensed. Sigma smiled and matched him. They stood watching each other carefully. Looking out for the slightest twich giving away the others intentions.
Sigma blew the hair out of his eyes. Vetch nearly went for his gun but realized it was meant to do that so he stayed put. Sigma grinned at him. Vetch saw in Sigma's hand move in a blur. Vetch threw himself to the side as two shots crashed through where he had just been standing. Rolling to his feet he whipped his Beretta from its holster and came up firing. He heard Sigma curse as he leaped to the side and rolling behind a parked car. "First blood Vetch". b
Crouching Vetch held his aim on the car. He could see Sigma's feet below it so he took aim. Before Vetch could change his line of fire Sigma leapt up onto the roof of the car. Blood streamed from where his right ear had been, sprayed on his face and matting his hair to his neck. Sigma loosed three shots. Vetch threw himself to the ground to avoid being hit but felt a searing pain across his cheek as one of the bullets cut along it.
He hit the ground and the wind went out of him. His blood splattered onto the snow from his cheek. He looked up to see Sigma leaping from the roof of the car with his Desert Eagle trained on him with a bleak look. No! Vetch fired from the hip. The bullet caught Sigma in the left shoulder and he fell face first into the now. Vetch pushed himself to his feet and watched Sigma, who was try to lift himself to his knees.
"Come on enough" Vetch pleaded, " Don't make me shoot a second time." Sigma twisted his head around to look at Vetch. The blood covered half his face and his shoulder was pumping blood into the fresh snow. The smell of blood was strong even in the cold air. But still Sigma gave Vetch a grisly smile and said "I'm not out yet". Sigma shoved himself upright and swung his gun toward Vetch. Vetches arm flew up. The gunshots rang out in the night air.
Vetch looked at Sigma. His ear was ringing where the bullet had just missed his head. Sigma was starring forward still on his knees. Sigma tossed his gun to the ground and gradually leaned back so he was sitting on his ankles. Blood seeped from his side and trickled slowly onto the snow staining it a deep red. Vetch dropped his pistol and stood motionless, gazing at the slow blood flow getting stronger and spilling Sigma's life out of him.
Shit. Sigma groaned and put his hand over the wound in his side. "Nice shot" Sigma said softly. Vetch sat down beside Sigma. "I'm sorry" he said wiping the tears off his face. "Don't worry about it man, it had to be done." Sigma replied weakly,"Was you or me, and you won. I'm glad you did" They both smiled. Carefully Sigma eased himself onto his side. Simga spat blood into the palm of his hand and held it up. Wipping his open palm along his cheek Vetch gripped Sigma's hand. They both smiled again. "Vetch don't let them screw you over on this. Get her back. You did what they asked".
Before Vetch could answer a siren blared behind him and he heard a voice shout out "Put your hands on your head and stay where you are!". Vetch stood up and spun around to see who it was. Three armed officers were standing pointing there guns at him. "Put your hands on your god damned head!" one of them screamed at him. His gun was lying on the ground at his feet. He knew there was no way he could get it. Reluctantly he put his hands on his head. He looked over his shoulder at Sigma who wasn't moving. When he looked back he saw two black vans pull up and several heavily armed men in body amour get out.
They moved quickly and surrounded him keeping there SMG's pointed at him. One of them hand cuffed him and dragged him to his feet to search him. He blood went cold when one of the officers turned around. These guys aren't S.W.A.T. "What the hell is going on here?" Vetch demanded. "I'll answer that" a voice said happily from behind them. Vetch knew the voice, it was the man who'd called him and told him he'd kill Deadlysin unless he took out Sigma.
The man stood in front of him and Vetch could clearly see the lettering F.B.I on the breast pocket of the jacket. "You are wanted for murder of the man known as SigmaDark". Vetch looked at him not knowing what to say. This was the man who had forced him to do this. furiously Vetch kicked one of the officers that was holding him and went to headbutt another but was struck in the back and fell forward. The guards caught him and lifted him back up. "Who the hell are you? Why are you doing this, I did what you asked dammit?!?" Vetch shouted at the man in frustration. The man laughed. "I don't think its any of your business why since you're going to be spending at least the next 5 years in a federal prison." the man replied grinning, "But you did a good job so we might let you out early if you can keep you're mouth shut. I didn't expect you to be able to actually do it to be honest"
The man turned to one of the guards and pointed to Sigma "Get him out of here". Vetch watched as they dragged Sigma's corpse to one of the van and dumped him in. The man faced Vetch again. "Take him away" the man said waving his hand distastefully. The guards grabbed Vetch by his arms and started dragging him towards the other van. "Wait, I forgot to tell him something" Then man walked up to Vetch and leaned over and whispered in Vetches ear "My names Hooorang."

"Death? Why this fuss about death. Use your imagination, try to visualize a world without death! ... Death is the essential condition of life, not an evil." - Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

"He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death." -
H.H. Munroe.

Sunday, July 23

Darklands 7

Three Weeks Ealier

"What the hell happened?" Kasumi shouted at Vetch. "Where did she go?" Vetch threw himself into his seat. "I don't know! I planted the bomb while she was on look-out and when I was done she was gone!". Vetch looked around the table at Kasumi, Cornflake and DL.
"How far away from you was she?" DL asked. "She was just around the corner. About 20 feet." They were all worried. They knew she wouldn't have just run off but none of them wanted to think that she had been kidnapped. "What are we gonna do then?", Cornflake said. "I'll talk to some of our friends and see if they heard anything about it" Kasumi replied rubbing the side of her face. "I can go check out some of the city informers, they might....." DL stopped mid sentence as Vetch's phone rang.
Slowly Vetch too it out of his pocket and looked at it. He didn't know the number. table he put His shivered knowing what this was going to be about. He raised the phone to his ear.
"Yes, who is this?" he said. "Good evening Vetch. I'll just assume you know why I am calling." the voice on the other end chuckled. "So if you want to she her in one undamaged piece again you'll keep you're mouth shut. Now listen closely to me Vetch and we'll have everything work out just fine.......

Vetch set the phone down on the table. The others watched him in silence. Resting his elbows on thehis head in his hands and sighed. This isn't happening. How could this have happened. "Vetch, who was it?" Kasumi said softly. Vetch lowered his hands and looked at her. "I don't know". This is insane.
Vetch lowered his face back into his hands. "What did they want?" Cornflake asked hesitantly. "Not important." What am I gonna do?
"Anything we can help?" DL said cautiously. Vetch looked at him. Vetch disliked the way they were so similar, it was uncanny. "Yeah there is. Go talk to any infomers you can find", he said "And Kas talk to our allies, I want to know everything we can about what happened to her!" I've got to find her.
"Cornflake could you go round up the rest of the gang and go out and 'inquire' about Deadlysin from anyone we've recently had trouble with, if anyone was involved in this I wanna know so we can make they pay!". Cornflake grinned. "Will do". Vetch stood up. "Come on, lets get started now". "Where are you going?" Kasumi asked. "I'm going to find Sigma and ask if he knows anything".

Deadlysin stood in her cell. A small cot and a toilet against one wall were its only furnishings. Out the barred window she could see the stars. "Who the hell were those guys?" She had been on look-out while Vetch was planted the bomb when a man came out of a shop and pulled a gun on her. Before she could react someone grabbed her from behind and forced a rag over her mouth. After that she had passed out and had woken up here with no gun, phone or knife. Sighing she sat down on the edge of the cot. "Where are you Vetch? Please come and get me out of here".

Saturday, July 1

Germany ‘06

Well, as far as people told me or friends who stayed in foreign countries for longer now we Germans are considered to be the best in organization and stuff. And somehow this is true I guess but what I saw over the last weeks screwed my view of Germany total.

I saw the city I live in totally orange when the Netherlands played here, also it smelled so sweet… I saw the city yellow and blue, when France and Brazil played here, also many Spanish fans have been here. And of course the 1000nds of German fans, especially after we won over Argentina yesterday.

Straightly after the match I headed to the city center. I took the first tram. It has been already filled with fans, dancing and yelling those stadium songs. The tram had to go another way and had to stop right before the center since there was no way of going any further. There the cars stood, all honking and celebrating. Than it took me half an hour to get in, normal it takes you 10 minutes or so from there. Well, I stopped at one of the fan-parties.

What can I tell you about it? All people dancing, waving flags and scarfs. I got myself a black-red-gold scarf too. A lot of booze and beer turned the heat on too, loud music, the party didn’t stop for hours. And some Argentinean fans celebrated too. It’s just this amazing and awesome party-feeling which covers the complete country. I never saw something like that before, never. Oh how much I’d wish to have you all here and experience it.